Saturday, April 10, 2010

Happy Easter!

We had a very busy Easter weekend. Friday we took Alexander to meet the Easter bunny before his 4 month check up. Then we went to Nana and Poppop's house so Xander could play with Avery. Friday we also celebrated Nona's birthday!

Aunt Jaci, Avery and Xander!

Poppop and Xander

Uncle Sean and Xander

Avery and her mommy

Saturday Xander and I went to an Easter egg hunt with his Aunt Jaci, Uncle Sean and Avery. Avery was great about getting eggs to put in Xander's bag for him since he was too small to get any this year.

Sunday was Easter. We were up early that day as always, and Xander got his first Easter basket! He really loved it. We then had lunch at Andrew's family and then we had dinner with mine.

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