Sunday, July 25, 2010

Our first vacation as a family of three!!

We had our first vacation as a family of three from July 2nd through the 10th. We headed to Delaware for a day and then onto Corolla North Carolina, in the Outer Banks. It was a great first vacation for us, and we can't wait for another one next year!

On Friday July 2nd we headed down to Mommom Whitworth's farm for the day, and stood the night. The trip down was full of traffic and made it an unhappy time for Alexander. He was all smiles once he was out of the car and in Mommom's house. We were able to see a lot of our family while there. We were also there when Tracey announced that she was pregnant! Alexander had a great time at Mommom's and would just smile and giggle at her when ever she looked at him.

We woke up our normal time on Saturday so we could pack the car back up and head south to the Outer Banks. This trip should have taken us 3 and a half hours to 4 hours, but it ended up taking us 8 hours of driving and a 1 hour lunch break. Alexander hated this car ride, and to be fair so did I! Traffic onto the island was miserable since it was a holiday weekend and start of a new vacation week. We finally made it to our house at 7 at night. After feeding Alexander, a quick trip to the grocery store and dinner with the family we headed to bed early.

Sunday July 4th we took Alexander down to the beach. He put his toes in the sand and let the water hit his legs. He studied the ocean for a long time, and then decided that it was better to go nap on Nana. Alexander then went into a big pool for the first time as well, he didn't like it too much. Alexander didn't make it up for the fireworks on his first 4th of July, but at least the fireworks didn't wake him up either!

The rest of the week was relaxation, swimming in the pool, heading to the beach, and night walks on the beach. Alexander loved the pool the second day, and couldn't get enough of it for the rest of the week. By our last day on the beach Alexander loved the water and the sand. He probably ate too much sand for Mommy's liking, but he had fun rolling in it.

Jaclyn, Sean, Avery, Andrew and I were lucky enough to go on a guided tour to see the wild Spanish Mustangs of Corolla. We saw about 8 or 10 wild mustangs and even some deer. The off roading on the beach was an interesting experience.
Avery loved it and got excited when she saw the mustangs for the first time! It was too bad that Alexander was too small for this trip, but we will have to just go back down to Corolla another year so we can take him to see the horses.

Here are pictures from our trip:

Alexander's first time in the ocean!

Studying the water and the sand.

Napping on Nana instead of playing in the sand.

Playing in the pool with Daddy.

Mommy's turn to have me!

I like my baby pool much better!

Playing in the sand

Pictures with Mommy and Daddy at Sunset on the beach

Two pictures of Andrew and I from our trip to see the mustangs.

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