Sunday, March 6, 2011

Welcome March...I hope you will bring the spring weather with you!

Alexander is 15 months now, where does the time go? It has been amazing watching him grow into a little boy from a baby. He loves to walk and run all over the place. He has enjoyed playing outside when the weather has permitted for late winter. I think my family is ready for spring to sprung! I know Andrew and I are looking forward to taking walks as a family again and finally getting to use that wagon we bought for Xander's first birthday. This spring has some fun trips in store for us already, a trip to the zoo, Sesame Place, and we want to take Xander to Strasburg Railroad to ride the train!

I took Xander to his 15 month check up last Monday. The doctor was very happy with him and how he is progressing. Xander now weights in at 26 pounds, 14 ounces and is 32.5 inches long. He's a tall skinny boy now! The doctor confirmed that all of his baby teeth are in except for his two year molars. I scheduled a visit to a pediatric dentist for the end of this month just to make sure everything is going well for the little guy's teeth. 

Here are some new pictures of the little love of my life:

Enjoying a spring day during winter!

Acting silly!

Even Batman needs his blankie sometimes

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