Sunday, December 6, 2009

Alexander meets his family

Alexander is already two weeks old! He has had a very busy two weeks getting to know his family. We had his first doctor's appointment last week and everything looked pretty great according to the doctor. He gained thirteen ounces and is now weighing in at seven pounds and thirteen ounces. He will be back up to his birth weight before we know it. Mommy and Daddy were happy to hear that the doctor had only good news for us at his visit. Next time Daddy will even go to the doctor's with us, which will be nice since Alexander has to get his second Hep B shot.

Here is Alexander meeting some of his family:

Alexander and Poppop

Alexander and Nana

Alexander and Aunt Jaci
Alexander and Uncle Sean
Alexander meeting his cousin Avery, she wasn't thrilled to meet him.
Alexander and Grandma

Alexander and Pappy

Alexander and Uncle Matt...Alexander was kind enough to let Uncle Matt have his birthday to himself.
Alexander and Uncle Geoff
Alexander and his great grandmother Nana. He also met his great grandfather but we didn't get a picture with the two of them yet.
Alexander will be meeting his great grandmother (Nonna), great grandfather (Poppop), great grandmother (Mommom B) and great great grandmother (Mommom H) this coming weekend. We will have those pictures in a blog to come.

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