Friday, November 27, 2009

Introducing Alexander David Whitworth

Andrew and I are extremely happy to introduce Alexander David Whitworth to our family and friends. Alexander was born on Wednesday November 25 at 4:59 in the evening, weighing in at eight pounds, six ounces and twenty-one inches long. Xander's birth came after a very long night of only getting a half hour of sleep from 11 to 11:30 and then waking up to back labor pains. I was able to walk off most of the pain and finally got another half hour of sleep from 2 in the morning to 2:30. I once again woke up and tried to walk off the pain of the back labor, but then started to have contractions that were six to eight minutes apart. I tried to see if I could labor more at home, and sent Andrew to work.

Andrew had just gotten into West Chester when I called him and said I couldn't handle the pain anymore and was going to call the doctor to see what the next step should be. By the time Andrew arrived back home my contractions and pains had mostly gone away. I had already called the doctor and was instructed to go into the hospital to be check at labor and delivery.
We arrived at Grand View Hospital a little after 8 in the morning and was then seen by the doctor around 9. Andrew and I had prepared ourselves to be sent home for false labor. When Dr. DeBrakeleer examined me I was three centimeters dilated and very thin. He then said I could either head home and see what would happen or be admitted and have pitocin started to regulate my contractions. I asked him which he thought was best and he instructed us to stay at the hospital because he was afraid I would have the baby at home.

We then went into a labor room and I was examined twenty minutes later and had already progressed to four centimeters dilated. The pitocin was then started. At Noon I could not handle the pain any longer and asked for pain medication. I was originally going to just start with an IV pain medication and then move to the epidural at a later time. I was re-examined at 12:15 and was seven to eight centimeters dilated. At this time we moved quickly to get my epidural in before it would be too late to receive one. I had received my IV pain medication before the epidural was inserted which did help take the edge off of my shorter contractions. Around 1 in the afternoon my epidural was in place and quickly started to work. At 2:45 the doctor came in and said it was time to start pushing. After two very long hours and pleading with the doctor to get the baby out Alexander was finally born.

Without farther adeu, here is Alexander David Whitworth:

Meeting Mommy for the first time:

Alexander and Daddy:

Ready to head home:

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