Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 months with Alexander!

Another month has come and gone, and Alexander has learned so much in that short time. Alexander started to crawl on June 10th! It's more of a army crawl, but he is getting his belly of the grown some of the time. In three short weeks he has gotten quick getting from one place to another. He also just learned how to sit himself up on June 21st, and now does that all the time. He will be laying down one second and I'll look away and then he's sitting up. Then on June 23rd he said Ma and Mama for the first time! He's getting so big, and I love seeing him learn new things each day. He is starting to use his pointer finger and thumb more and can pick up small items with them now. Alexander likes to feed himself his puff cereal while he's in his high chair. Here's so new pictures of my little guy!

Crawling towards Mommy!

Sitting on Daddy!

Trying to eat my ball.

Hey Mommy!

I love cuddling with my Daddy :)

I love smiling for the camera!

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