Sunday, November 21, 2010

Silly forgot to post the 11 month update!

With Alexander's first birthday only four days away, I never did the 11 month update. Things have been pretty crazy with our family these last two months, but it looks like everything is moving in the right direction. On October 28th, Alexander took his first steps. Andrew was not there to see it, but Alexander proudly showed off to Daddy when he got home. In only a short few weeks Alexander is now trying to run with the older boys at daycare, and has a lot of bruises to show for it. I love seeing how proud he is of himself when he walks on his own. Alexander is becoming a lot better with feeding himself, and a champ with sippy cups! We have made the transition over to whole milk with no issues and Alexander seems to love his milk, which makes Mommy happy. Andrew and I gearing up to celebrate Alexander's first birthday with our families. There will be plenty of pictures to come over the next week. 

We hope every one has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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