Sunday, January 23, 2011

A little behind...but we have been very busy!

The last few months have been crazy in the Whitworth household. October 28, we were blessed with a new liver for Andrew's father. It was one of the greatest days for our family. That day was also the day Xander decided to take his first steps by himself. After that Xander learned quickly how fun walking and running was. We then had Alexander's first Halloween, first real Thanksgiving,  First Birthday and Christmas. To say we had a busy two months is an under statement.

Halloween pictures of our little monkey:

Getting ready to go trick or treating for the first time!
Still waiting....
I can get use to this Halloween thing
Having a treat from his goodies

Alexander had his first ear infection on his birthday, but I was happy that we made it a year before he had to be on an antibiotic. At his one year check up with the doctor, he proudly showed off that he had his molars almost completely cut through, he could walk and that he was a big boy now. Xander weighted in at 26 pounds and 32 inches long. He's a tall, skinny boy now!

Thanksgiving day was spent with our families, first we had dinner with Andrew's family and then we had dessert with my family. Xander was great for the day despite not feeling well and enjoyed playing with his cousin Aiden on his birthday. Xander loved his birthday cake that I made, which always makes a mom happy.

Playing with Aiden
Opening a gift from Mommy and Daddy
More playing
Trying to get into some trouble!
Saturday November 27 we had the big first birthday party. The party was held at my parents house and Xander was surrounded by his family. We had a wonderful dinner that Andrew cooked, opened presents and then had cake. Xander did pretty well opening his presents, but he had his cousin Avery there to help unwrap gifts when he lost focus on it. Xander's cousin Aiden was there to make sure all the new toys were played with, too!

Stealing from Aiden

Watching Mommy open up birthday presents

Trying to help

Avery helping open up the presents
Xander, Avery and Aiden enjoying the birthday boy's new wagon

My little loves

The Cake I made for the party

Xander's cake

Get ready to make a wish!

This is for me?


This is fun!


December came and went in a flash. December 23, Ed was moved to a rehab hospital, which was one step closer to coming home. December 24, we were able to visit Ed and enjoyed some great conversations with him. Andrew and I were bummed that Alexander could not go see Ed for Christmas. After visiting for a few hours we then made our way from Philadelphia up to Levittown for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Dinner was great as usual, and we were able to spend time with our family. 

Christmas day was different this year. Our normal tradition is Christmas morning at home, then off to Andrew's parents house for brunch and then off to my parents house for dinner. This year we had Jane and Matt over for Christmas morning. We had breakfast and enjoyed watching Alexander open his gifts and play with his new toys from Santa. After Christmas at home, we went to my parents house for round number two. Xander had pretty much lost all interest in opening gifts by that point, and just wanted to play with Avery and her new toys. After this we all relaxed for a little while before heading over to my grandparents house to exchange gifts and have dinner.

The tree after Santa visited
Our Stockings

Xander checking out his gifts
Diving right in

Sitting with Uncle Matt
Building a tower with his new blocks

Miss Avery

Avery and Xander looking at his new truck

Helping Poppop open his gift

Playing with a new toy from Aunt Jaci, Uncle Sean and Avery

Taking a break

Avery in her Christmas dress

Playing with cousin Evan
New Years Eve was a quiet night in our house. We stood in, watched some tv, played with Alexander until it was his bed time. Andrew and I didn't even make it to midnight. New Years day we had lunch with my parents and then dinner at Andrew's grandparents house. Aunt Claire, Uncle Frank and Will were out from Chicago, and it was great to see them again. We had a nice day spent with our families, and it was the best way to start the new year in my opinion.
Playing at great Nana's and great Grandfather's house

Three of the five Cornelius' sisters

Playing on at the top of the stairs.
On January 5, Ed was moved to Bryn Mawr Rehab Center, which was one more step closer to being home again! On the 8th we were finally able to bring Xander to see his Pappy, it had been three and a half months since they last saw each other. It was a great day to spend together. 

Visiting with Pappy!

Sharing a snack with Pappy

This is yummy!
January 16, was spent celebrating Ed's birthday together at the rehab center. This was a great birthday this year, Ed was surrounded by friends and family. There are no pictures of this day because my camera had no battery power left. The Whitworth family was also able to welcome in a new baby with the birth of George and Tracey's son, George IV.
Tracey and George IV

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