Saturday, August 22, 2009

25 Weeks

Andrew finally felt the baby kick this week, and it was one strong kick from the little one. The baby has also decided that he loves to kick mommy in the ribs all the time now.

How far along? 25 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: plus 7 pounds total so far
Maternity clothes?
Stretch marks?
i have two new ones on my belly :(
Not going so well most nights.
Best moment this week: Andrew finally feeling the baby kick!
Movement: All the time...the baby's favorite is kicking me in the ribs now.
Food cravings: Sweets

Food aversions: most seafood...I hate the seafood department at the grocery store.

Gender: Boy
Labor Signs:
Belly Button in or
out? in for now, but doesn't look like it will stay that way much longer.
What I miss:
sleeping on my belly.
What I am looking forward to: Seeing the baby on September 1 when we go for an ultrasound.
Weekly Wisdom: sleep now before the baby arrives!
Milestones: The baby is really responding when Andrew and I talk to him through my belly. He will start to kick and do flips.

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