Saturday, May 2, 2009

The House

We went out last night to take a look at a few more houses. We scheduled four of them, and the Realtor at first was a little skeptical that we would be able to do all those showings in a single evening. Of course, when you've seen as many houses as we have in the past few months, you know exactly what you are looking for and can cross the lousy ones off the list pretty quickly.

The first house was lousy. It looked pretty great from the pictures, but it was unmaintained and needed a lot of work. The kitchen didn't even have space or an electrical hookup (that we could see) for a stove.

The second house was much nicer, a very nice updated kitchen (which is important to me), but an ugly looking yard, a very creepy basement, and steep price tag.

The third looked so remarkably cute from the outside but was a total wreck on the inside. The basement had a serious water leak problem, and instead of having the problem resolved the owners chose to dig a series of ditches in the basement to direct the water down towards the sump pump.

The fourth house was the one.

It was a townhouse, which is something we've shied away from in some of our looking because we figured that for the same amount of money we could get a standalone house and a decent sized yard. We were wrong though, the townhouse really did give us more for our money.

So we talked to the realtor last night after we saw the house and immediately scheduled a second showing for this morning and brought all our parents to come see it with us. They loved it too and earlier this afternoon we put in our first offer!

After all these months, it's amazing that things can suddenly move so fast.

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